Jann Lemm

Jann Lemm founded avantguard cyber security GmbH together with Pascal Sommer and has since been active as managing director and in security audits as well as research projects, supporting companies in fending off cyber attacks. He is OSCP, CRTP, CARTP and OPST.

Extending The Covenant: Part 3

The currently last blog post about my work on the open source C2 framework Covenant. One important new task, two new Grunt templates and QoL...

Extending The Covenant: Part 2

Further recent changes that we implemented in Covenant, such as new tasks, modified old tasks and a new graph layout.

Extending The Covenant

Several new tasks for Covenant that have proven to be helpful to us.

Updating The Covenant

A tutorial on how to get the most recent version of Rubeus integrated into Covenant's dev branch.

Active Directory Certificate Services

In this blog post, we show the steps necessary to recreate attacks on AD CS in a test environment. We also show how defenders can identify potential...