Project Experience

Each of our team members is certified and has already gained experience and proven their technical and organizational skills in dozens of projects. We have already had projects for banks, operators of critical infrastructure, insurance companies, industrial companies, pharmaceutical companies, wholesalers and many more. For reasons of confidentiality, we do not list our customers by name here. However, we are happy to provide concrete references upon request.



Penetration Tests

Technical and conceptual security audits of infrastructures with external and internal penetration tests                                                                                  


Red Teaming Operations

Red Teaming operations with comprehensive attack simulations from the perspective of a compromised user as well as an attacker on the internal and external network


Active Directory Security Checks

Comprehensive technical and conceptual Active Directory security checks in iterative processes                                                                                                                    



Cloud Security

Thorough, technical, unprivileged and privileged security reviews of applications and their associated components (cloud applications) with a high manual testing and verification component


System Audits

Security audits of client and server systems at the network, operating system, and application levels                                                                                                     

Further Projects

Our projects have covered a wide range of areas. An overview is listed here.

Review of WLAN infrastructures including wardriving
Creation and execution of a physical attack using a USB stick
Purple Teaming
Planning, organizing and executing  purple teamings
Windows 11
Audit and configuration review of Windows 11 clients administered via Microsoft Endpoint Manager
Citrix Environment
Audits of Citrix environments regarding access capabilities, control mechanisms, and hardening measures
Design and execution of credential phishing campaigns
Plaintext Credentials
Enterprise-wide technical and manual search and cleanup of plaintext and default credentials
First Responder
Service as first responder and support for cyber security incidents
Mobile App
Mobile application penetration tests according to OWASP MASVS
Penetration tests of Kobil applications
In-depth penetration testing of e-bankings
Dark Web
Dark web research and monitoring

Methods and Frameworks