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The service for companies that want to do the first step into cyber security. Broad, automated and cost-saving.

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The IT core of your company (Active Directory) is checked for widespread misconfigurations. Ransomware, which often targets and exploits these vulnerabilities, is thus rendered ineffective.

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The flexibility to develop and share applications with containers and deploy them at scale with Kubernetes is widespread in the software industry. However, this flexibility also offers new opportunities for attackers, which must be countered.

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APTLabs Review

Since I didn't find a detailed review before I started the lab, I decided to write one myself. There are also two tips at the very end. TL;DR The...

Plaintext Credentials

Credentials stored in plain text are a common problem and are readily exploited by all attackers. However, this topic has already been discussed...

Overload Mapping vs. Memory Scanners

Sometimes, as an attacker in cyberspace, the goal is not to completely defeat a defense mechanism, but only to minimize the chance of detection....

What Really Helps Against Ransomware

Ransomware attacks have now become a constant threat that affects every company in Switzerland. Every person should be aware of the danger, and there...

Red Teaming

The term Red Team originates from the military and refers to a group that takes the role of the attacker in an exercise. Opposite the Red Team is the...

Attacking and Hardening KeePass

Passwords and their secure management continue to cause major problems for many companies. There are numerous recommendations regarding the...